'a love wilder than fire' Australia Wildfires Fundraiser.

'a love wilder than fire' Australia Wildfires Fundraiser.

As you all would have seen and heard, Australia is currently in crisis with wide spread wildfires.

Over the past week or so I have been keeping up to date with actor, writer and comedian Celeste Barber on social media as she has been sharing updates on the current situation in the country.


The devestation people are facing along with the lives lost is heartbreaking.

Celeste is running a fundraising campaing to raise money for the NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund, after making a donation earlier in the week I wondered how I could do more to help.



I have created this beautiful eucalyptus wreath print in awe of the generosity and love shown by people around the world towards what is happening.


Profits from each sale will be donated to Celeste Barber's fundraiser. I will update how much is raised on my social media platform as time goes on.


Print size options are 5 x 5 inches or  8 x 8 inches, artwork is handpainted then reproduced digitally on high quality 300gsm card.




    R E T U R N S .


    Due to the nature of our business all prints & cards are non refundable as they are made to order.

    If you receive your order and there is an issue please contact us immediately & we will do our best to help.



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