'The bee's knees' Card A6

'The bee's knees' Card A6

N E W !

Our new seeded cards that can be planted after use!

Each card has a handful of wild flower seeds embedded within the fibers.


Raher than disposing the card in the bin, your loved one can plant it and enjoy watching beautiful flowers grow! Each card has the following instructions printed on the back ..


- After use soak the card in some water for a little while.

- Tear up the card and pop in a little pot of compost, cover with more compost then water.

- Leave your potted seeds in a warm, light spot to germinate ensuring to water often.

- Once the seedlings are a decent size transfer them to a bigger pot or to the garden.

- Best time to transfer them is in Spring / Summer.


The seeds are a mixture of Black-eyed Susan, Spurred Snapdragon, Catchfly, Poppy, Daisy and Sweet Alyssum.


The card has a soft luxurious feel, each sheet is hand made so does not perfectly line up when folded.

These cards have that extra special touch and really are a gift that keeps on giving!


All art work is hand painted then reproduced digitally.

Each card comes with a recyclable brown kraft envelpoe.

Card size A6.




    R E T U R N S .


    Due to the nature of our business all prints & cards are non refundable as they are made to order.

    If you receive your order and there is an issue please contact us immediately & we will do our best to help



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